EMIS Contracted Service

The SPARCC office offers an extended EMIS contracted service to its member districts as an alacarte item. This service is intended to provide special attention to the participating district in order to relieve their employees from having to complete the more arcane EMIS related functions.

Once this service begins, SPARCC assumes responsibility for the following tasks.

  • Maintain an in depth knowledge of EMIS reporting requirements and an understanding of district operations as it relates to these requirements.
  • Review student, staff and financial data as it relates to EMIS reporting requirements.
  • Provide training to district staff members on the input and maintenance of data for purpose of meeting EMIS reporting requirements.
  • Provide information and feedback to district staff members regarding the correction of data as indicated by EMIS error reports.
  • Assume responsibility for the submission of EMIS data to the Ohio Department of Education in a timely manner.
  • Serve as a resource to the superintendent and other district staff members for the interpretation of EMIS and district accountability reports

All issues dealing with other aspects of source data applications not directly connected to EMIS will be handled by the appropriate SPARCC team. This may include but is not limited to attendance, report cards, scheduling or grading.

The participating district would assume responsibility for the following tasks.

  • Entry of data into the source systems at the advice and direction of the consultant in order to meet EMIS reporting requirements. This includes the entry of data into source applications related to gifted students, homeless, economical disadvantaged, discipline or all other special education circumstances.
  • Assume responsibility for fiscal reporting requirements with the support of the EMIS service consultant.
  • Attend SPARCC sponsored trainings to ensure that the source data is entered correctly for EMIS reporting purposes.