INFOhio Services

SPARCC provides the software applications librarians need to operate their libraries and maintain their collections. The SIRSI application enables librarians to build a collection of books which can be electronically checked out and in by students. The process can be completed with the use of scanners and barcodes or may be completed by entering the information on an Internet enabled device. The application maintains information about collections and student users. An integration routine runs nightly to import student demographic data from the DASL student information system ensuring that the librarians have the latest information. Librarians can easily build reports of usage and display statistics which are used to make decisions about their operations.

The process of cataloging books and establishing collections can be a tedious and time consuming task for librarians. SPARCC, working in partnership with the INFOhio office, provides assistance for the cataloging of their books. A Union Catalog has been established for the use of Ohio librarians which enables them to locate the relevant cataloging information for any book registered with the Library of Congress. This data is used to catalog books obtained by the school library saving librarians hours of data entry and reducing errors. Using this information, an electronic card catalog is made available for students and teachers.

The INFOhio office provides an extensive array of tools to school districts for the purpose of preparing students for 21st Century learning. One good example is the Discovery Portal which enables students to safely search for books and online resources which have been reviewed for instructional value. Another good example is The Learning Commons which provides a framework for the use of technology to improve instruction within the learning environment. Finally, in recognition of the transformation to a digital world, INFOhio now offers e-books for download to Kindle and other such devices. The INFOhio website is the best source of information about this ever growing cache of educational resources.

Service Highlights

  • SPARCC provides the applications librarians need to operate their libraries.
  • The SIRSI application enables librarians to establish collections and students to check out books electronically.
  • Student information within SIRSI is updated nightly from the DASL Student Information System.
  • The Union Catalog, provided by the INFOhio office, reduces the tedium of cataloging books.
  • Students and teachers have access to an electronic card catalog.
  • The INFOhio office provides an array of digital tools which facilitate searching for resources, using technology to improve instruction and the distribution of e-books.