Payroll Contracted Services

SPARCC is offering extended payroll contracted services to its member districts as an alacarte offering. These services are intended to relieve the participating district from the routine processing of payroll related functions. Those activities which occur regularly and can be automated are assumed by the SPARCC office.

The SPARCC office assumes responsibility for the following tasks:

  • Maintain an in depth knowledge of payroll processing and an understanding of district operations as it relates to these requirements.
  • Enter and maintain employee data in the software record sytem necessary for the processing of payroll. This includes the entry of biographical, demographic, benefit, job, contract, position, payroll account and deduction data.
  • Run to completion the software applications for regular payroll processing. This includes the entry of attendance and exception data and all other steps necessary for the completion of regular payroll processing.
  • Complete the requirement of filing taxes and retirement and end of month, quarter and year end processes.

The participating district assumes all other responsibilities related to the operation of the schools outside those mentioned above.

This service offering is not intended to replace active district staff members. It is offered to member districts to supplement their operations in the event they have a need for this support. This need may occur as a result of retirement, resignation or staff reorganization.