Remote Backup Services

The SPARCC office is offering a Remote Backup contracted service to its member districts as an ala carte item. This service is intended to provide the participating district a backup of their data to a secure, remote location. Copies of district data will be maintained by SPARCC so that the district may restore the data to its original condition. Under a disaster scenario, the complete data set may be restored to one or more servers. In less dire situations, individual files may be restored to one or more servers or workstations in the district.

It should be recognized that the more important the data stored on the computer, the greater the need is for backing up the data. Storing the copy near the original is unwise, since many disasters such as fire, flood and electrical surges are likely to cause damage to the backup at the same time. The SPARCC service moves the data to a hardened data center located remotely. In addition, a copy of the data is transferred to tape and the tapes are moved to a different secure location. This operation provides a very secure solution in which the data can be restored as needed.

The backup routine is an automated process which is scheduled to run daily. This automation helps to minimize problems as manual backups can be affected by human error. SPARCC employees work with district employees to develop an operation which best meets the district needs. Once running, the operation is continually reviewed and updated to meet the changing needs of the district.

Please direct your questions or concerns about this service to the SPARCC office.