TestingWerks & GiftedWerks Services

Ohio schools deliver a multitude of assessments to their students and they need tools to maintain and analyze the test results. TestingWerks is a student testing data warehouse and analysis software solution providing the tool that schools need. The software supports the entry of over separate 200 tests including benchmark assessments, short-cycle assessments, common assessments, state and national tests and intervention tests.

Teachers can evaluate the performance of groups of students at a point in time or over period of time and compare the results to other groups. Using benchmark trend reports, longitudinal testing transcripts and comparisons to grades, teachers have the ability to analyze the overall performance of each student. Teachers can track interventions to determine the effectiveness of their efforts.

GiftedWerks is a software solution for managing gifted services and is designed to organize data needed to manage gifted services including screening test scores, written education plans and personalized identification letters. GiftedWerks is designed to work with the major standardized achievement and cognitive tests including the IOWA Test of Basic Skills, Stanford, CogAT, TerraNova, InView and others. Based on state measures, gifted identifications can be broken down by gifted areas. Written Gifted Service Education Plans can be created in a standardized manner. Services provided to gifted students can be tracked over time, including honors-based and AP courses taken by students throughout their academic career. Interactions with teachers and parents can be recorded for historical record.

A team of SPARCC staff members works with district employees to provide the training and support needed to use the software effectively in the schools. SPARCC loads assessment results from testing sources into the TestingWerks and GiftedWerks databases.