Web Hosting Services

In today’s world, organizations create websites to communicate with the world. School districts are no different and use this technology to provide timely information to their communities. However, without the right tools, maintaining a website this can be a demanding task. SPARCC has the tools school districts need to offer an effective and efficient web presence.

SPARCC is partnering with Infinite Cohesion to provide the tools school districts need to offer a robust web presence. The eSchoolView Web Site Administration System is a software system enabling those with minimal training to updates webpages, post news and photos, add calendar events, upload documents and post videos. In addition to maintaining web pages, districts can build and distribute surveys, maintain a calendar of events, post a list of employment opportunities, create employee blogs and add a list of employees with contact information. A number of school districts across Ohio and the United States are successfully maintaining their web sites using this software system.

Teachers are a focal point of the software system. Using the software, teachers can create and maintain personal web pages enabling them to communicate with students and parents. These pages can contain lectures, notes, assignments and other resources which are associated with the respective classes. This allows students to have access to this information at anytime and anyplace. Parents can see and understand what their children are learning by accessing the teacher web pages.

A team of SPARCC staff members works with district employees to provide the training and support needed to use the software effectively in the schools.